We offer a unique service for public and private schools throughout San Diego County.

If you have an upcoming program, play, talent show or graduation/promotion ceremony we can record it and produce a high quality DVD at no cost to you or your school.

The only requirement is that you have a cast of at least 25 (up to 60 depending on which part of the county).

Our process requires very little work on your part. All you need to do is pass out and collect consent forms and sign a standard production agreement. That’s it. We do everything else.

We collect orders at the event, or parents can purchase from our website. We ship all DVD’s directly to the purchaser.

PRODUCTION PACKET: When you book our services we will send you a production packet that includes a consent form (which you can make copies), production agreement and any other information you need regarding the production.


Every school is different and each presents it’s own challenges in regards lighting and sound. Both of these are key to the quality of the DVD. We are very passionate about picture and sound quality. We don’t just show up with a camera and hope for the best.

When possible, we ask to come to a rehearsal/practice to get acquainted with schools that we have not worked with previously. This is when we scout out the best recording location and microphone placement.

That’s right, we bring our own microphones. Sometimes this might make the director a little nervous. But rest assured that our microphones will never be in the way or will not interfere with your own sound system.

Using our own mics near the stage produces much better audio than what we can get from the camera microphone. In fact, many people state that the dialog is easier to hear and make out on the DVD than when they heard it live at the performance. This is especially true if you have a soft spoken cast, or a performance where only some of the cast is wearing body mics.

Our microphones are placed near the stage so that we can get the best possible voice recordings. The audio is fed into a digital recorder. Our microphones are wired and is contained in a closed (non-amplified) system, eliminating any chance of interference or feedback from your sound system.

If you have an upcoming performance we encourage you to give us a call.


(619) 659-6075





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